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The teeth are one area of the body that many people take for granted. While people brush and may even floss on a regular basis, they may not seek the professional care they need when they need it. The teeth are crucial for chewing and speaking. Without them, normal functions become much more difficult.

While regular dental checkups at least twice a year are helpful in keeping one’s teeth in good shape, they are not going to have the necessary expertise for a root canal. At Santa Rosa Endodontics, we have the professional team with the expertise to provide the specialized care patients need.

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An endodontic specialist can help to treat the inner workings of the tooth. People may not realize that teeth have several layers. The out layer, the enamel, is the hard shell of the tooth that people see when smiling or looking in a mirror. This layer faces the brunt of bacteria, plaque and acid from the things people eat and drink. The enamel is the layer that dentists will help to clean on a regular basis.

Beneath the enamel is the dentin, the dentin is similar to a second wall around the innermost layer, the dental pulp. The dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, making it extremely sensitive. If the dental pulp sustains any damage or has an infection, then it can cause immense pain to the patient. The pain can start out as a dull ache that gradually gets worse over time or as an intense sharp pain from the start.

People may assume that extracting the tooth is the only option. The reality is that an endodontist can save as much of the natural tooth as possible with a root canal. This procedure involves removing the infection and infected areas inside the tooth while preserving the structure. This way, patients do not need to invest in a dental implant or replacement tooth. As an endodontic specialist, our team has the expertise to save any salvageable parts of the tooth while eliminating the infection and preventing it from spreading. The first step is to call our office and schedule an appointment.

Debunking the Myths of Root Canal Treatment

Even though people may need it, a root canal is often feared by many. People assume that it will be a painful surgery involving extracting a tooth or feeling immense pain. The reality is entirely opposite. In fact, there are multiple myths of root canals that people fall for. Here are a few of those myths and the actual truth.

Myth #1: Pulling the Tooth is Better Than a Root Canal

Pulling a tooth should be a last resort when none of it is salvageable. After pulling a tooth, the patient will need to replace the gap with an artificial tooth. If the new tooth does not stimulate the jawbone, then the body will begin to leach calcium from the jawbone to use in other areas of the body. Due to this, the face will begin to sag in certain areas and change.

With a root canal, we leave as much of the tooth as we can and only remove the infection. Thus, the patient will still have a natural tooth that stimulates the jawbone while being healthy for the patient.

Myth #2: The Root Canal is Painful

The only real pain a patient might feel leading up to and during a root canal procedure is the pain from the infection. During the procedure, we will use anesthesia to numb the area so the patient does not feel anything. Following the procedure, there may be some soreness that will go away in a few days. Most patients can treat the soreness with store-bought pain-relievers.

Myth #3: I Won’t Feel anything in the Tooth after a Root Canal

While the tooth may not be sensitive to hot or cold substances, such as ice cream or coffee, the area around the tooth may be sensitive for a few days after the treatment. Along with that, the other teeth are still natural teeth and will continue to feel pain.

Myth #4: If There Isn’t Any Pain, Then I Don’t Need a Root Canal

Since there are multiple stages of an infected tooth, some may not feel any pain at the start. Other people may already have a dead tooth that does not feel anything but can spread the infection to other teeth. Seeking professional treatment is crucial to ensure the infection does not spread and is eliminated.

Myth #5: After the Root Canal, I won’t need to see the Dentist Right After

On the contrary, most root canal procedures are broken up into two appointments. The first appointment is the initial procedure. The second is where we will cover the tooth up with a filling or crown. This process can vary per patient.

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