What Does an Endodontist Do?

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An endodontist is a dental professional who specializes in saving teeth and helping patients maintain a healthy smile. They have expert training and advanced techniques and technologies to ensure that patients get the highest quality care with optimal results. An endodontist is also known as a root canal specialist.

The roles of an endodontist

Every endodontist is a dentist but few dentists are endodontists. Like any other dental specialty, endodontists get two or more years of specialized training after completing dental school. They are, therefore, highly skilled and trained in diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal treatment and other endodontic surgeries that relate to the interior of the tooth. They can address traumatic dental injuries if they happen. In most cases, an infected tooth can be saved with an endodontic procedure. Therefore, endodontists often call themselves specialists at saving teeth.

Their primary aim is to save natural teeth when it is possible. Despite that, the dental professional will consider all treatment options to know the best action plan for the patient’s condition. Some endodontists place dental implants when a tooth cannot be saved.

Available procedures

Most endodontists complete several endodontic procedures in a week, more than other dental professionals. Specialized treatments ensure that patients get the best results and a quick recovery, while reducing the risks of complications. Therefore, patients can be sure of getting the best care when they visit the dental office. Procedures performed by the endodontist include the following.

Pulpotomy: This is done as a precursor to a root canal procedure. It entails opening the pulp chamber of the tooth to drain the infection. It specifically removes the diseased part of the pulp and preserves the rest of the pulp, preventing a full root canal procedure.

Root canal procedure: This endodontic treatment is done to treat a diseased or damaged tooth with an exposed root. It involves the removal of inflamed tooth pulp and root from under the enamel and dentin.

Pulpectomy: This involves removing the pulp material in the pulp chamber temporarily to relieve pain. It is considered when pulpotomy is not an option, and all the pulp is infected.

Apicoectomy: This is used when root canal treatment is not enough to relieve pain. The procedure is called root-end resection and entails removing the apex or root ends and extracting diseased material surgically.

Visit the endodontist

It is necessary to visit a dental professional as soon as possible when experiencing tooth troubles. Patients will get relief from pain and save their teeth. Some people dread the idea of undergoing a dental procedure, but there is no need to fear root canal treatment. Endodontists do a great job of helping patients relieve discomfort that might occur due to tooth infections.

When symptoms like tooth pain or sensitivity to hot or cold items start, an endodontist should examine the tooth. Also, patients need to see the endodontist after they have been in an accident that resulted in facial trauma and swelling around the face, teeth and gums. The truth is that postponing treatment for a problematic tooth can cause further complications and reduce the chances of saving the tooth.

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