Frequently Asked Questions

Endodontic FAQs

In our office, we schedule one of two ways depending on your needs:

  1. You can choose to meet with Dr. Loxley for an exam and consultation to discuss the treatment options for the tooth (teeth) you have been referred for. We reserve 30 minutes for you for this appointment. At the end of your exam we will set up a convenient time for you to have the treatment performed.
  2. You can choose to meet with Dr. Loxley for an exam and treatment on the same day. Dr. Loxley will always do a thorough exam before any treatment is started. Once she has a proper diagnosis, she will then begin your treatment. An hour and a half is reserved for you for this appointment.

If you have a tooth ache, we do our best to ensure that you leave our office in comfort.

  1. A thorough oral exam will be performed to evaluate the structural, and esthetic condition of your tooth (teeth).
  2. Digital images and a CT scan of your tooth (teeth) and the inside of your tooth (teeth) will be taken. The CT scan allows Dr. Loxley to view the inside of your teeth in a 3 dimensional format allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and more precise treatment.
  3. Pulp tests will be performed in order to evaluate and determine the health of your tooth’s pulp.

Once treatment in our office has been completed, you will be connected back with your general dentist to have the final restoration done. In most cases, you will leave our office with a temporary filling. This filling must be replaced with your permanent restoration in 4 weeks time.

If you are unable to get in to see your general dentist in that time frame, we ask that you contact our office to have the temporary filling replaced. This will ensure the root canal does not become re contaminated.

If you are being seen in our office and would like us to bill your insurance for you, we offer a complimentary insurance benefits check so that we are able to estimate your copay as accurately as possible.

We ask that payment is made in full at the time services are rendered. We do understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and because of that we offer financing for 12 months through CareCredit.

Dr. Loxley does not want any patient to be unable to receive care due to finances. We ask that if this is a concern for you, you would come in to speak to one of our financial coordinators to arrange treatment compensation.